Gagil Elementary School Health Fair

Gagil elementary school hosted their first health fair promoting nutrition, physical activity and healthy lifestyles with a local food focus.

This is the first health fair that the municipality of Gagil put on. This event was sponsored by Wa'ab Community health center and coordinated by Gagil sports counsel with chairman Daniel G Ramngen and the Gagil health center reprented by dr Petra Tun.

The Wa'ab community health center plans to organize regular events to be held by each of the four municipal health centers.
In form of physical activity the school chose to hang up their dances to close this year's performances and the day took on ceremonial color and traditional energy.

Leetun, "Lei", of the Yap Women's Association presented and spoke about the difference between imported and local food products as well as consumption, personal health and wellness choices. 

It was an interactive presentation that identified the children's consumption choices and preferences. Everybody likes, pizza, pasta and sweet food.

When the children were asked if they enjoy soda, candy and other sweet foods, all hands went high in the air with smiles.

Today the children were being taught responsible choices and introduced to healthy local options that taste good and create a brighter future for Yap.

Yap Fusion's "local pizza" was introduced to the children as a healthy option that satisfies some their junk food preferences, pizza that's good for your body... what a concept. 

Local food contributors were Yap Women's Association, Yap Nutrition Counsel, Yap Fusion as well as the women from Gagil village, represented by Goolyan.

The Yap Nutrition Counsel was represented by Minginug, and local products such as sweets and other types of snacks were represented as healthy local alternatives.

Breadfruit sandwiches, pancakes, salad, local fruit cocktails, young coconuts, soup and other products were served to the children and attendees in a rich local buffet.

The children lined up and were served a sample serving of up to twelve different recipes.

It doesn't take much to make these kids smile, that's the same reaction that a slice of pizza with a can of soda brings to a child's face, without the health and economic consequences.

Pizza slices disappeared from the table in a hurry, kid's love pizza... and today, they loved local pizza.

Tea leaves were used to serve the food on so the children receive a strong sustainability message with the day's food and health education.

Local food served local style with a positive community signature from introduction to consumption.

These events support the health of our children, our local economy and steer consumption choices in a positive direction.